With our offer of sailing holidays, we would like to contribute to sustainable tourism in Greece while being known for high standards in quality of boats and services.

We are passionate about the feeling of freedom that sailing inspires in people and we seek to bring this joy to you on an elegant, comfortable and well-maintained yacht that can be chartered with or without crew. If you so wish, it will be our pleasure to tailor your trip to your requirements to make the experience even more unique.

The flow in a group that is often achieved when like-minded people are brought together on a sailboat is the main driver for us to design and organize our Themed Sailing Adventures that revolve around one or two main activities or interests that combine well with sailing.

Reliability, quality, value for money and bespoke customer service are what we wish to be known for.

Introducing WindVentures - Sailing Yacht Cruises and Charters


Founder, Owner & Director

…has been fascinated by sailing and the sea since her early youth when she started dreaming of living on a sailboat. Greece has been special to her for many decades now and while she has seen her share of this country, Corfu was love at first sight: one visit and she wanted to stay for good.

Sabine has a background in corporate roles involving high-level service and organization. Her knack for creating inviting settings and bringing people together is an important ingredient in the concept of Windventures. She aspires to be renown for providing excellent customer experiences in a niche business that caters to a diverse crowd of curious individualists and open-minded discerning travellers.



Member of the Board of Directors

Kai loves being in nature, whether it’s hiking in the mountains or being by the Sea, in and on the water.

He holds a Master in Human Computer Interaction and works as a UX professional in Berlin.

He’s been very active for Windventures during the start-up phase.

An aspiring sailing enthusiast, he’s honing his sailing skills whenever he gets the chance.

You might meet him in Greece during summer