Windventures in short

A bunch of sea-loving dreamers, we rolled up our sleeves in order to share with you what makes our heart beat faster: sailing, the sea, the coastal gems of Corfu and Ionian Greece, the local culture and hospitality, great food, exciting activities like diving or kite-surfing, exploring nature while hiking in the hinterland. Or looking inward, improving awareness of body, mind and soul by practicing yoga or meditation close to the water and nature – a very intense experience; always feeling free to stay where it’s beautiful and to move on to even more beautiful bays and anchorages, almost silently gliding through the water with the wind filling our sails. 

We sail outside the box because we like to stay away from the crowds and move a bit astray from the beaten path on our bespoke sailing cruises that we lovingly tailor to your wishes from the wonderful ingredients this blessed archipelago has to offer. 

As we’re really fond of nature, the sea and the people that live here, we strive to leave a small ecological footprint wherever we go, maintaining or even improving the quality of the experience for you, future travelers and the people who live here. We’d love to have you on board in this as well! 

All this and much more on two beautiful yachts, highly comfortable, spacious and equipped with plenty of amenities to make life on board match modern standards. 


founder & shareholder

I’ve been fascinated by sailing and the sea since my early youth when I started dreaming of living on a sailboat, on the water and being free to stay where I like and as long as I like before moving on, naturally driven by the wind and totally free… romantic isn’t it?  

Greece draws me in, first the mythology since I was a kid, then later when I first came here, the landscapes, coastal lines, the architecture, the vegetation, and last not least the people who live here.  I have been to Greece many times since the eighties. But Corfu did it for me! One visit and I knew I wanted to live here for good!  

There you have it: Sailboats and Corfu! Add a dash of my affinity for all things beautiful and for creating a context in which good things may happen; by combining ingredients to set a stage, create an ambiance that reflects on people. I’ve been doing this for a long time in various ways, but never before with such fun and determination as with Windventures.


legal representative

Kai loves being in nature, whether it is hiking in the mountains or being by the sea, in and on the water. As a UX professional, he’s currently studying Human Computer Interaction and lives in BerlinHe’s been very active for Windventures during the Start-Up phase and remains to be legal representative. He has become a sailing enthusiast, which is why he is currently taking the German coastal skipper license. You might meet him in Greece during summer 



Paraskevas is our tax and finance expert. He works as chief accountant for a large Greek company, but also runs his own consultancy business. Helping start-ups implement their innovative ideas successfully and assisting investors in navigating the Greek tax landscape is clearly a passion of his. He has a very positive and encouraging personality which makes it really fun to work on the “dry stuff” with him. He’s married and lives in Athens.

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