Sailing with Windventures

Corfu September 2020.

We were a bunch of artists from everywhere, pretty tight group, all friends and loved ones. This year has been particularly tough on us dancers. Unfortunately we are dependent on the physical place to realise our dreams, the studio, the theatre. All these places have closed so we have been left a bit homeless to express and to meet and to touch. It is very strange times.

Windventures is also an idea, is platonic love that can be seen and touched. It is a physical place where people can meet. Is the dream and hard work of beautiful persons and is made with that much love. Corfu is the most beautiful place on earth and there is lots to discover!

The boats are a dream house. There is sufficient space and privacy. At the same time, is amazing the sense of community that is encouraged by the space. Living together, cooking together, sharing stories and laughs in this floating house becomes sort of a ritual. I found this experience to be a healing experience, a therapeutic experience. It is good to connect with others in such a direct, honest, simple way without all the anxieties of the big city world. It is easier to be myself in such conditions. That in itself is a wonderful gift.

We were there to do an art film as part of our ongoing research for a multidisciplinary dance/ music/architecture slash slash performance. We didn’t know much… it didn’t mattered. Windventures was open for our crazy ideas at any time, more than that we could count on their ideas and suggestions and also their bit of craziness. The team on board got straight away in sync with our work and the spirit of the work, that’s a lot since art is so dependant on such vibes. There was a lot of improvisation on organisation. It didn’t mattered, all decisions were made with flow and a smile.

I particularly loved the skippers. Super experienced, talented and professional! But what touched me the most was their readiness to pass on information. They were natural teachers, more than that, educators. There was nothing done without it being explained, the reasons why and the beauty of it. It was impossible not to fall in love with the world of sailing. We did a bit of driving, the anchor, the sails. I really learnt a couple of stuff.

I haven’t seen the film we did just yet but I think is gonna be very beautiful. The scenery around Corfu is to die! Such beauty everywhere. You get to places you would never get to by car. There is an immense freedom in traveling by boat.

I can assure that was the best project of my life. I have travel the whole world and met a lot of incredible people. I am a lucky person, I get to do what I love and it in return makes me grow as a person of the world. But this one felt particularly special. Is a courageous thing to do for a group of people to give themselves to another group of people, to open arms and give the best that is there to give to each other but is also necessary today. I can not thank Windventures enough for providing a platform for that to happen.

With all my love and eternal friendship,

Joel Suárez Gómez