On this page we would like to inform you of the comprehensive measures we take to keep you safe and healthy onboard our yachts.


Greek doctors are generally highly skilled and enjoy an excellent reputation in the medical world. The healthcare facilities in Corfu include a private hospital and a general hospital. The latter has a COVID-19 ward and an ICU unit with ventilators. It is possible to quickly transfer cases by helicopter to the highly renown University Hospital of Ioannina on the Mainland.

As we are sailing in the vicinity of Corfu and the mainland of Epirus on our crewed charters and themed cruises next year, we can reach harbours with land transportation to medical care units on Corfu or the mainland quickly.


This is what we and our partners do before and after a trip to ensure that both our guests and employees stay healthy:

Before welcoming you on a vessel, we follow a strict cleaning log, performed by staff that has been educated in cleaning the vessels in accordance with the official protocols and recommendations of the GREEK NATIONAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and the GREEK MINISTRY OF SHIPS.

This includes a first disinfection after check-out by a certified company using the technique called “fogging”, then cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces of the vessel with suitable disinfectants and finally a further disinfection of the interior with UVC-light/ozone or fogging. We wash all linen and towels in a way that will eliminate both bacteria and virus including SARS-COV-2. All facilities and equipment that come in contact with the linen are disinfected at least daily. Our staff is using PPE and following a routine that will prevent infection and spread of the virus while cleaning the boat and handling the linen.

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Tailor-Made Sailing Yacht Cruises and Charters in Corfu and the Ionian Sea.


On bareboat charters, the skipper/captain of the charter group is responsible for following the relevant protocols.

You will receive guidelines in accordance with the protocol of the GREEK MINISTRY OF SHIPS well ahead of the embarkation date. They state the responsibilities, measures for prevention of infections and necessary actions in case of a suspected COVID-19 case on board.

Rest assured that these measures will not spoil your days onboard! A few routines carried out discreetly, like the daily taking your temperature with an infrared thermometer and logging results into a book are probably the most apparent of all.

All required medical and PPE equipment can be found on each boat at the locations designated at check-in.

On skippered charters and Themed Sailing Adventures all skippers and crew we work with are health and safety aware. They have studied the relevant behaviours and protocols and know how to handle potential infections.

Our hopes are high that next year, this virus will be under control but even with the virus still present in our lives, there aren’t many forms of holiday that are safer than staying on a boat with a group of people that are tested and virus free.