On this page we would like to reassure you on what we do and how we prepare to keep you safe and healthy onboard our yachts:


Before welcoming you on our yacht, we follow a rigid cleaning log, cleaning surfaces with soap and water, disinfecting surfaces that are likely to be touched with disinfectant (chlorine-water or alcohol).

Towels, bed linen, pillow and mattressprotectors are washed and disinfected for every new guest. You will need to fill in a form with a few health-related questions before boarding the ship. Our crew will have been tested for the virus before the first charter of the season.   


Please be reassured that corona virus related protocols during your trip will not spoil your days!  

A few routines carried out discreetly, like taking your temperature with an infrared thermometer and keeping a daily logbook is probably the most apparent of all measures.

This is part of a covid-19 preventive protocol that Greece has introduced for charter vessels There is also a protocol on how to handle a case where covid-19 symptoms become apparent in a passenger while heading to the next attainable harbour. We have studied this protocol thoroughly, have equipped our yachts with the necessary medical and protective equipment and are prepared to act on all safety measures to keep all passengers safe. Our skippers and crew are health and safety aware and trained in the relevant behavior and handling of potential infections. In case of bareboat charters, the skipper of the charter group is responsible for following the protocols.


This year, with all its uncertainties, there is, believe me, no place I would rather be than here on Corfu!

I spent the entire lockdown here and have always felt totally safe and – important – happy! It was apparent that the local government, medical experts and police were all determined and capable to stop the spread of the virus and to give fast and effective treatment to the few that were infected, all of them coming to Corfu from the mainland or abroad.

Corfu has been virus-free for months now. Most people here in shops and restaurants are keen to observe the rules of social distancing and hygiene. We have a general hospital and a private hospital in Corfu. The general hospital has a covid-19 ward, ICU unit and ventilators. There is also the option to quickly transfer cases by helicopter to the highly renown University Hospital of Ioannina on the Mainland

 As we are sailing in the vicinity of Corfu on our skippered and fully crewed charters this year, we can reach harbours with land transportation to medical care units on Corfu quickly. In my humble opinion, there is hardly a safer place to holiday in times of Corona, than here… 

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