A Holistic Yoga and Sailing Voyage with Ajanta

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well

Imagine daily yoga practice in nature: What would it be like to live on the water, continuously feeling that gentle movement of the waves like being in a mother’s womb? And how about diving into the crystall clear blue first thing you get up, or meditating at sunrise? Certainly you will enjoy the contrast of the refreshing Sea to the intense Yoga sessions. And finally, at the day’s end, after worshipping the sunset, you will glide into a deep sleep, safely sheltered in your cosy cabin and carried by the softly rocking boat on the water

This yoga sailing retreat is suitable for all levels of Yoga practice!
Even if you have never been on a sailboat before
, the Ionian Sea is the ideal place to try it – it is known for it’s calm seas with little swell!

What is Special?

On this Holistic Yoga Voyage, Ajanta will guide your well-being according to the principles of Hippocrates. For each person there is an ideal treatment, so the yoga therapy, food, drinks, meditations and relaxation, the entire schedule, will be balanced according to your individual temperament. You will practice this holistic approach to selfcare throughout this unique yoga sailing retreat.

With the energy of the Sun, the therapeutic effect of the Sea, and the “Sound of Silence” this has the potential to be a life changing experience.

Aloe Vera
Beach in Corfu
Argyro Gerochristou - Yoga Sailing Resort Instructor - Corfu
Argyro Gerochristou - Yoga Instructor - Corfu

Your Guide to Yoga and Meditation

Ajanta, Argyro Gerochristou has been maintaining a deeply spiritual and holistic way of life since her youth. She has since then continuously studied natural alternative therapies and applied her knowledge professionally.

Ajanta was initiated to the yogic way of life in the Satyananda Ashram in Athens, where she became a certified Satyanada Yoga teacher soon afterwards. Since more than a decade she teaches yoga, pranic breathing and meditation in her own studio, villas and on private yachts. Ajanta continues to be inspired by the positive changes and transformations that yoga induces on physical, mental and emotional level in people.

Her repertoire includes naturopathy and nutrition therapy, biomolecular therapies for facial and body rejuvenation, body massage and Spa therapies, craniosacral therapy, Thai massage, Tuina, therapeutic Reiki, Usui Reiki, electro acupuncture, Reconnection Therapy by David Pearl and more.

Entymesis - Naturopathy, Yoga and Massage in Corfu

Your Chef

Agnė Auželytė is a cook and dance artist based between Berlin and Amsterdam. She has started her food journey at Ponderosa – a dance and art centre in Germany – where she ran the kitchen for 3 seasons catering for an international crowd of dancers, artists and yogis. Since then, Agnė has prepared meals for festivals, exhibition openings, fashion shows and community gatherings.

Agnė is also a certified yoga teacher. During her studies in Kerala (South India) she became interested in Ayurvedic philosophy that she seeks to incorporate into her cooking.

Her recipes take influence from various cuisines and chefs she has collaborated with creating a contemporary fusion kitchen: minimalist and bold in ingredients, exciting in flavour and good for the body.

Agnė believes food brings people together and there is no magic more powerful than the one brewing in a shared meal.

Agne Auzelyte
Yoga Sailing Resort Healthy Food

Your Yoga Sailing Resort

A beautiful and comfortable Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS sailing yacht MORPHEUS will be your yoga resort, surrounded by a scenery of outmost beauty, while we sail along the Ionian Sea in Greece.

The cock-pit seats 10-12 people and the generous deck is a space to spread out and relax in the sunshine.

The warm wooden interiors are decorated and equipped with style and touch of luxury. Airy and with extra head room, the deck saloon feels light and spacious. The galley’s layout is well suited for preparing delicious meals. Air Conditioning, cabin fans and electrical toilets add to the comfort of our passengers.

Lots of accessories make life on the water even more enjoyable.

S/Y Morpheus moored near beautiful beach with white pebbles


Our double cabins (no 1, 2 or 3 on the below layout) are equipped with air conditioning, a private shower room and own electrical toilet.

We provide high quality bedlinen, pillows, towels, bathrobes and toiletries made in Greece by the eco designer labels Coco-Mat®  and Zealots of Nature®. Also, you will find your own sterilized Yoga equipment waiting for you.

Cabin 1 and 2 are made up with two separate single beds and Cabin 3 comes with a smaller double bed.

Sun Odyssey 54DS - Layout
Yoga on the beach

Your Yoga Sailing Retreat at a glance

Crew: One Skipper / one chef / one yoga teacher and naturopathic healer

Yoga: includes two daily yoga practices, as well as regular guided meditations

Naturopathic Treatment Plan: including first consultation and elaboration of a holistic treatment plan incorporating, activity and relaxation schedule, yoga therapy, and nutrition; regular feedbacks on treatment included.

Facultative Activities: Stand-up Paddleboard and Kayak excursions along the coastline, snorkelling, nature walks, some guided, some at your own leisure

Meals: Preparation of delicious, healthy Mediterranean food by our chef Agné, respectful of your dietary requirements: breakfasts, lunches, snacks and drinks plus three dinners lovingly prepared for you

Not included: The advanced provisioning of the food and beverages for the guests and the crew is paid by a shared “kitty”. You will pay 350 EUR in cash at check-in and if less is used we split the difference and refund you at the end of the trip in cash. Meals and drinks at local tavernas or restaurants are at your expense.

Optional Add-ons: (at additional charge and subject to availability): Professional Massages and additional private consultations with Ajanta