Corfu and the Ionian Islands

are distinctively green sporting a great variety of beaches and bays leading up to often mountainous hinterland.

Sailing the Ionian waters is relaxed and rarely demanding. Wild coastline, sleepy villages and harbours vary with more developed and cosmopolitan seaside towns, where you will see superyachts and the occasional celebrity. Spring starts as early as March and in April the island vegetation is in full bloom, flowers everywhere. Rain showers take turn with warm and sunny days announcing the summer ahead. In summer, life is sweet, with endless sunshine and warm crystal-clear waters, suggesting letting your hair down and relax. Autumn comes late and with the waters still pleasant and many warm sunny days, you can enjoy the off-season until mid-November. There is a multitude of things to do and explore in Corfu and the Ionian, be it sportive activities of all kinds in and on the water, nature walks and hikes or cultural highlights, historical sites, museums, and beautiful architecture.

Let’s not forget how welcoming and relaxed the locals are, “filoxeni” (friendly to strangers), warm and often very educated, they are open to different cultures, having seen Venetian, French, English, German and Austrian influences over the centuries.

This also reflects in a delicious and varied cuisine, some typically Greek and some surprising local dishes, strong Italian touches, and the modern and highly commendable Greek “fusion” cuisine.

Whether you are keen on skippering our yachts yourself or you prefer to have an experienced skipper or even a crew on board, we will always make sure that you get the best out of the coastal paradise of Corfu itself, the mainland and the numerous islands to the North and South of Corfu.

On the islands surrounding Corfu as well as on the mainland there are several known attractions and a few less known as well. We always strive to take you to places that are less crowded by ways of timing and local knowledge. We offer flexible starting days and length of charters! Be creative and get the best out of your experience. Go against the rhythm of Saturday to Saturday cruises by framing your charter with a few days before and after your trip in one of the beautiful villas or boutique hotels. Or try off season sailing at attractive prices. The spring offers lovely climate and great sailing combined for example with hiking. The late summer and fall make it possible to enjoy the warm weather and water with less crowds! Drum your own rhythm and sail outside the box!

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